Mime Silent Death for alleged general shittery as a non antag

Byond Account: fernandoj8
Character Name(s): Jean-Luc Carter
Discord Name: FernandoJ8 (Jean-Luc Carter)
Round ID:14594
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Byond name: Silent Death
What happened:

Based on what I heard from others they were being a general shitter but I don’t know the details, hopefully this post gets people to share what they know.

In my case, I set up eigenlockers connecting medbay and the holodeck and told the AI to unlock safeties set a medbay simulation.

This happens and a while later the mime goes through the locker. Upon seeing the fact it’s a medbay simulation and therefore there are no safeties, he nabs some supply, I didn’t recognize which one and runs out. A little later he comes back, runs towards the console and imagining what he wants to do and fearing he might try to turn the holodeck to an atmos burn test and scorch us all (as I had already heard people complaining about a mime shitter), I run over and try to shove him away for it. We shove each other for a bit and he manages to turn it to another simulation and grab a spear from it and tries to run off. I manage to shove him and turn the simulation to a different one without the spears. He tries to switch it again, we shove each other a bit and, out of patience, I stab him once with my laser scalpel, we shove each other some more and he lands some punches on me before he, finally, gives up and runs off.

I’m aware trying to grab weapons from the holodeck isn’t that bad of an offense, but since I heard people complaint about a mime being a shitter I want to mention what I know and hope others can elaborate on what they saw happen, specially cause there was another mime, Quiet, who was an antag, so I want to clear up who did what.

Grief patrols are not the place to encourage other players to gang up on someone. I edited your title to reflect this. Please be more mindful of this in future reports.

After reading this more thoroughly, I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to report other than a fight (that you started) escalating correctly. “He might have been a shitter” is not appropriate for grief patrols. You need to have an instance of specific, rule-breaking behavior if you want us to investigate anything. Closing.