Miner Borg on Corpo Attacks at Random

Byond Account:Chumpywumpus
Character Name(s):Aaliyah Wise
Discord Name:Grafis on Mushrooms (Chumpy)
Round ID:18713
Griefer IC name:Default Android-78
Griefer Byond account (if known): juagouli

What happened: Miner Borg-78 while having laws to minimize expenses and two ionic laws decided to attack crew and other borgs at random. Several people were waiting for the shuttle in the chapel and 78 decided to take the opportunity to attack a few people including their fellow borg. After they attacked me I retaliated but did not destroy them, only leaving it seriously damaged. Later on the shuttle, 78 decided to resume attacking the same borg and then me, knocking me into crit and monologuing about how they enjoyed killing me.

Round end report showed that the borg had no laws directing it to attack crew outside of ionic laws that gave no such instructions either.

Dealt with.