Miner on the station with makarov for some reason decides to validhunt 😳

Byond Account: uglykoala
Character Name(s): Gyrg-mylin (nightmare)
Discord Name: ugly
Round ID: 20425
Date: 21.05.2022
Griefer IC name: Syd Keppel
Griefer Byond account (if known): idk


What happened:
While i was doing my nightmare business in maints, i jaunted out into the hallway and came in contact with a miner that for some reason had a makarov:

Since i just met a traitor roboticist and made a truce with him, i assumed Syd to be a traitor too, so i didnt pay it much mind. Only later when he validhunted me near when shuttle arrived (with a pka) i found out that he wasnt an antag of any kind. I have no idea where he got makarov (doubt its a licence since contraband) how long he had it, or how much time he spend on the station with it instead of doing his job.

i want to add that this isnt about validhunting since nightmares are valid but about the contraband

also Cure pointed out that he also had a recall spell on makarov :skull:

This has been handled thanks, also reminder that screenshots are super helpful for grief patrols :pray:

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