Miner tries to shuttle gib me 4norasin

Byond Account:Sheets
Character Name(s):Jed Joshek
Discord Name:Sheets#6667
Round ID:12782
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name:Zhutroy Fanta
What happened:

I was a hijack traitor, noone knew i had killed hop and an officer prior and got 3 ids with early launch access, my plan was to launch early but zhutroy stood next to me in an airlock and timed a shove right as the shuttle docked to try gib me, i barely made it out and managed to break a window with my esword but it was too late and about 30 people made it on.

heres the chat log if it helps

It wasn’t 4norasin.
I saw you weld the airlock above, then you moved down to the one I was standing in front of and started welding that one. I then opened the door and shoved you into space.
The reason was you were either welding the airlocks because of hijack or griefing, and there was no time to go cry to sec to stop you.

you didnt, you walked inside the airlock, stared at me, then when the circles for the shuttle come up you shove me into space, not a single word being said

It happened within like 2 of seconds, I didn’t walk in and stare at you and wait.
It was: You started welding the airlock, I open the airlock to stop it, walk in, shove, shove and shove, all in quick succession.
There was no waiting to time it for a gib, the circles were already there, I wasn’t waiting for them. There wasn’t time to stop and say “Hey, don’t weld those doors please!”, if I had you likely would have knocked me down or killed me in that time.

I’m sorry if I messed up your first hijack. But rarely does conspicuously welding the doors right as the shuttle is arriving work, at least from what I’ve seen.

not sure if youve read the rules but spacing and almost gibbing someone for welding a door, which CAN BE UNWELDED, isnt the best escalation, and if you did it because you thought i was a traitor with hijack thats validhunting… the shuttle was about to dock, not leave, there was time to talk. I dont like bitching about specific rules and arguing wont solve anything so im gonna stop until this is handled

Yes, the rules state that crew can kill traitor with hijack after they start acting on it. I’d argue that welding 2/3 of the public evac airlocks right before shuttle arrival is acting on the hijack objective.


Taken from the guide on acceptable antag killing.

Welding departures airlocks, which were already damaged and sabotaged, during evacuation and by a non engineer doesn’t seem very “legitimate”. So the assumption could be correct about potential hijack. So the attempt to stop the welding of doors is valid.

Now the shuttle gibbing attempt looks more like a coincidental accident since the emergency of acting and how narrow the room between airlocks are.

Case closed.