Miner used Nukie invasion as an opportunity to go on a killing spree

Byond Account: h2ojr1
Character Name(s): Ghost McWynt
Discord Name:
Round ID: 17807
Date: 12/3/2021
Griefer IC name: Ivan Kovacevic
Griefer Byond account (if known): Ivan_Kov

What happened:

Ivan was a fellow miner who ran around the station critting me and 5 other crewmates with weapons acquired during a Nukie invasion. While the crew was too busy fighting, he would then drag the bodies to Lavaland and dispose of them in lava or just space them all while acting out a “deranged killer” mindset while watching the bodies burn. He did this as an average miner without any Antag roles or traits all while the station is suffering from 0 mining getting done because we are all dead. Its the burning of the bodies and spacing that got to me; If you want to kill crewmates in character, queue up for that shit, I just wanted to get some upgraded mining gear and avoid the chaos on the station.

I saw him comment in OOC post shift that he killed 6 and threw two in the lava so can confirm at least that he openly admitted to it as well as the logs existing.

This has been dealt with- thanks!