Miners damage my body severely and remove my head despite it has soul

Byond Account: OneTortoise
Character Name(s): Ray
Discord Name: Tortoise
Round ID: 19977
Date: 2022/04/25 (GMT+8)
Griefer IC name: Bob Simpton, Denholm Riley Hardin
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
I bleed out and went into “crit” near kitchen, the miner Bob Simpton saw me dying. Instead of taking me to med, he threw me into kitchen and tried to cook me with girdle. So far he didn’t actually do any damage to my body yet, and he left.

Untill later, he came back using knife to repeatedly cut my head with another miner Denholm Riley Hardin, causing more than 300 brute and chopping my head off. Only because “they were hungry” Both miners were aware of the fact that the body has soul for two reasons:

  1. I was crawling in crit when the miner first saw me.
  2. A borg told both miners that the body still had soul, to which one of them replied

The miners were aware of what they are doing. I checked round end report and did not find their names on the list.

Dealt with thanks :)