MissCass's Ban Appeal

Byond Account: MissCass
Character Name(s): Cassandra Blake, Blarium
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Bitchcoin™#1245
Round ID of Ban: 24560

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://imgur.com/u2vcrnz
State your appeal:

I would first like to state that I’m not sure if the ban message is correct or not. I was recently warned for sharing a meme that includes instructions for building a pipe bomb. It is possible that I shared the similar one including meth instructions in the past but was not spoken to if it was removed. In either case, I was wrong to find these memes funny and I will reflect on why I thought it was okay to share them at all. I am truly sorry for sharing these memes and can promise that I will not do so again whether I am allowed on the server again or not.

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It should say pipe bomb instructions; when the mod who brought it up posted about it, it was not super clear what they were talking about… Regardless, I feel you shouldn’t need to be told that posting pipe bomb instructions in a public discord is poor behavior (not to mention against Discord’s ToS).

Furthermore, I would like to also point out that this is far from the first time you’ve shown (and got called out on) really questionable behavior on the Discord. Using #ask-mods to ask if you were allowed to RP as a “queer supremacist” comes to mind.

Anyway, I won’t be handling this as it is my ban, but I would like the admin who handles this to keep in mind that this is far from your first incident.

If I may take the time now, I’d like to apologize for this as well. I momentarily thought that might be a fun RP idea but the reality is that it is not and it was extremely poor judgement on my part to even ask about it. I very much value how accepting this community is and RP like that would go completely against it.

I also recently had asked about an uncommon slur that was being used in a recent round. I realized later that the way I asked was confusing and could come across as accusatory. I should have just asked if filing a grief patrol was appropriate and leave it at that.

I’ve been careless in the way I’ve asked questions in #ask-mods and was justifiably muted from it after contributing to one user’s question as a non-mod. I’m sorry for that and never expected to be forgiven for my behavior in that channel.

I had to look into this to see if this is something we could actually appeal. I found its actually illegal to post something like making a pipe bomb instructions. So in terms of legality and discord TOS we literally can’t unban you. So even if we disregard any other problems there may have been in the past we can’t lift this ban.

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