Mista willard got too silly, bagchecked a guy as a janitor

Byond Account:Noodlecat
Character Name(s):Jenna Garneys
Discord Name:Noodlecat
Round ID:24780
Griefer IC name:John Willard
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
After completing my objective to kill Lia the carp in the hos’s office without revealing my identity at all, i sneak onto the station to try and grab ian, who i heard is being possessed by the janitor, john willard, i grab ian from john a couple times, notice its hard to separate them due to ian being tamed by willard. After a couple attempts willard stunlocks me using a throw into the wall, checks my bag and pockets, and runs off with my syndicate gear, using it on me multiple times to prevent me disarming him of my gear. it is worth noting i was wearing combat gloves during this event, however these are (albeit hard to get) available to the crew. when i ask him why he bag searched me in brig, he responds with it being because of my gloves. there was a fully functioning and intact sec department at the time, and no reason for willard to do anything outside of stunning me, as i was clearly unable to separate the dog from him, nor did he have any reason to search me.

Hi. They examined you because of you following them and saw the antag gear (combat gloves) - as you pointed out, it’s extremely difficult for crew to get seeing as it’s only at deep storage ruin which requires space exploration, and a lot of time. They didn’t do anything until after you followed them and grabbed Ian away, at which point they took the gear to defend themselves, then turned in the gear to sec without even naming you. After the interaction you told sec John was a syndie, which initially worked but led to your downfall in the end, considering as an infil you aren’t on the manifest, and John had sec’s trust as he previously turned in your gear to them unprompted. Validhunting is more like, as non-security, roaming maints and hunting down newbie antags who made a mistake. In this case you initiated the interaction via following them and grabbing Ian away while wearing visible antag gear. People can defend themselves in that case, including taking syndie weapons from you considering there’s a good chance you would use those on them. Lastly, when you said “clearly unable to separate the dog from him” - I don’t agree, you did successfully grab Ian, it just didn’t work out for you in the end. Thanks for reporting.

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