MisterGame: Ban Appeal

Byond Account: MisterGame
Character Name(s): Don’t remember
Discord Name (ie: DoomSlayer223#6245):
Round ID of Ban: 24825

Ban Message (following up on grief patrol, you went out of your way in several areas to not only prolong the detention of crew who had done no crime, but lied about capital crimes they had not done when you need more security to help you. Appeal on the forums when you feel like you can follow our rules):
State your appeal: Like I said in my previous appeal from back in July, I don’t remember the exact details of what I did to get banned. I do, however, know from what is said in the ban message that I was griefing as a security officer and arresting people for crimes they didn’t commit. At the time of this ban, I didn’t understand much about the game, but I did know how antagonists worked and that what I did was wrong. Even though I knew what I was doing was wrong and against the server’s rules, I still did it. I’ve started playing SS13 again this summer and i’ve been playing on some of the servers and respecting the rules they have in place. I believe that I can play on this server and respect the rules this time, but I fully understand if you decide to reject my appeal. Also, I thought i’d include this: I have another account with the name “Freedomgiver223.” i’m not trying to ban evade, my hard drive got corrupted and I had to make another account, I had to press the join button to check the details of my ban.


I think we’re good, thanks. This is denied.