Mistergame's ban appeal

Byond Account: Mistergame
Character Name(s): Tyson Muller
Discord Name (ie: Doomslayer223#6245):
Round ID of Ban:24825

Ban Message (Following up on a greif patrol, you went out of your way in several areas to not only prolong the detention of crew who had done no crime, but lied about captal crimesthey had notdone when you need more security to help you.):
State your appeal: Before I was banned, another admin had a PM with me, I explained myself, and he dismissed it. About thirty minutes after, I was banned without warning. I am just starting security and I had read the basic rules and I thought I was playing it correctly. At the start of the game, I saw the janitor erasing my graffiti even after I told him not to. I didn’t know that against space law to put graffitti on the floor, even as a security officer. After I arrested the janitor and put him in, though, his friend started beating me non-stop, and because I didn’t have my security belt (I was going to get it after I brigged him) I punched him. After that, an admin stepped in, I explained that I was new and that I would read the rules, and he ended the PM. After the whole ordeal, I was walking down to botony where the janitors jumped me, threw me on the table, and tried to take my things. In turn, I flashed them, arrested them, and told the other officer to get the other janitor. After I brigged them both (Two minutes) After his time was up, the same one that hit me earlier in the round hit me again and stuffed me in the disposal and flushed me. After arriving at cargo, I got the nearest mech and went to security, where I was banned without warning. I don’t see why I was banned as I didn’t get any warning whatsoever. I’m very new to security, and I would like to improve. I am sorry for my actions as a security officer and the least I ask is for me to be banned from security, as I am clearly not fit for it.

You managed to get banned from both Bee and Yog, and you have a long history of bans here. This ban is both accurate and in progression, so it will not be reviewed until 6 months from the date of the ban (August 5th). This is denied.