Misunderstanding for reasons of suicide

Byond Account: Sheepthulhu
Character Name(s): Takes-The-Legs
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Morgan#5032
Round ID of Ban: 17451 

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Core 2.3 Antag Rolling - While being on watchlist and already having a note to watch you for antag rolling you died and SSD very early in the round. If you have an excuse for it feel free to appeal that temporary ban at Ban Appeal Template and how to make a staff report
State your appeal: Understandably I did suicide very early in the game however this was not for antag-rolling or anything relevant to that matter, simply we were on Pubby station and as I remembered it the ship for cargo techs was broken (conveyors didn’t line up) I couldn’t really be bothered honestly to put through that stress so I said to another if it didn’t line up I was going to suicide, when the ship was teleporting in it seemed like the error was still present however just after I suicided from it I realised that rather than the ship’s length being accommodated it was actually just the entrances to it that was changed so regretted that suicide. My intention was not to antag-roll I quite enjoy cargo-technician, I just simply wasn’t ready for the trouble of fiddling with pubby and cargo-techs.

Furthermore I’d like to mention that I do not actually have a note about antag-rolling. The warnings are however on self-antag relevant basis however these are aged now (approx a month or two old now.)

You suicided less that 4 minutes after you joined, you didn’t try to fix the small issue you had IC in any way, there is no reason for us to believe you weren’t antag rolling when you put zero effort into a normal shift, going straight into suicide and leaving.