Modsuits for QM, HoP, and the Service Department

On some maps, the QM gets the loader modsuit in their office, but it is typically in the warehouse. This modsuit is excellent for cargo techs but less so for QM. The QM can send most of the crates anywhere on the station without leaving the cargo bay, and venturing into maints looking for spare crates with a shiny silver ID is often not the best move.

The HoP and the service department do not have a modsuit at all. It would be neat if there was a restaurant modsuit to help make a mobile kitchen/store that the cooks, bartenders, and even botanists could use to get their cool stuff to the crew.

Specifically, on the HoP, they are the odd command member out when the station gets spaced because they only have access to EVA suits. So when all the other (non-QM) heads of staff roll up to the shuttle bridge, the HoP’s outfit does not fit the right hand of the captain. Also, when the HoP is acting captain, not having a modsuit can be rough when they are targeted and are not allowed to use the cap’s suit, forcing them to beg sec or robo to lend them one.

Modsuits are neat, and more modsuits would be neater.

Perhaps HoP Could Get a HoP Coloured EVA Suit at least. And a Space proof carry cage for Ian

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yeah ian in a lil space proof cage would be such a cute sprite!

Giving service their own modsuits seems like a hell of a task, considering the diversity of the department. Unless we limit it to maybe only kitchen/bar, I think just adding more printable service related modules and placing a civilian suit or two at the lathe would be an easier option.

However I 100% agree on the QM and HoP parts and I might look into making those a thing in the future…maybe

QM has the Cargo modsuit. Sometimes it’s in their office, other times in the open. It’s “their” modsuit though.

HoP intentionally never, at any point, was given a hardsuit or modsuit. They have EVA access and is a paperwork guy, if he really needs he can take the 2 steps out of his office to get a space suit.

Some service jobs can use a modsuit (Janitor and Lawyer immediately come to mind), and I don’t see any reason why they can’t be added.

Janitor Mod suit with a Trash Bag of holding, space cleaner tank and a built in light re-placer. Although they already get the motorised janicart.

Although I still think HoP should get a HoP coloured EVA suit or helmet. No different stats or function wise to the regular EVA suit but just in his colours. Perhaps in the EVA Room behind a HoP only windoor setup.

Hmm what is the best way to figure out the HoP colour pallet as I could download the sprites and recolour them myself at some stage.

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you can still do that

Trashbag of holding but no Bluespace light replacer?

It can have both, depending on what is unlocked.