Momo's mentor application

Byond Account: Momo8289
Character Name(s): Janet Essix
Discord Name: Nickname: Momo (Janet Essix), username: momo8289
Age: 18
Timezone: EST/EDT
Active hours: Usually from 5 pm or so to 11:30. Potentially longer on weekends
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Eh not really, at least not any time soon

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
Not super sure, but a little less than a year. I want to say I started playing in september of 2022, so maybe 7-9 months?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
(This is in order of experience)
Chemistry: At 132 hours, chemist is my most played role. In that time I’ve gained a solid understanding of pretty much all aspects of it, including a good knowledge of what chems there are and what they do, purity, and plumbing. I think I have a good deal of knowledge to share on the matter, and would be more than willing to help people out.

Medical (general): MD and paramed are also some of my most played roles. I have a very good understanding if surgery and medical treatment in the game, and I also know a fair few good practices and tips for being a truly good member of the medical staff. I also have a good understanding of virology.

Science: Scientist is my 2nd most played role, and I have a pretty deep understanding of it on all parts except xenobio, where my knowledge is admittedly pretty basic. I’m most familiar with ordnance, and I am also quite familiar with genetics and robotics too. Ordnance is the least common/played science role in my experience, and seeing how it’s also arguably the one with the highest stakes, I believe it can always use more mentors who are familiar with it.

Engineering/Atmospherics: For engineering, I know how to setup the SM properly and how to repair and improve the station. My main blindspots in engi are probably in station objectives, as they’re not something I have a ton of experience in setting up. As for atmos, I started getting into atmos as I saw it as a more advanced and in-depth version of ordnance (but without the explosions, hopefully). I’m pretty familiar with the different atmos systems and setups, and I’ve only done an accidental plasma flood twice (it was when I was new, same mistake both times lol).

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
Overall I’ve really enjoyed playing on fulp, the people are nice and it does a pretty good job at being beginner friendly. I find people can be a little blasé with RP, even when it’s not in a situation where they need help with something, but it is an MRP server so I can’t really complain.
I’ve made a few mentorhelps in my time playing, mainly when I first started (as I imagine is the case for most people), and I found I didn’t often get a response. Obviously this is not at all the fault of the mentors, but I don’t think it would hurt to have some more mentors in some of the areas I needed help in (mainly chem), especially since I am now quite knowledgeable in those areas.

I hope you consider my application, and wish you all the best!

Edit: Just want to add, I’ve also recently started contributing to the tg codebase (I only really play on fulp though), and with that comes a deeper understanding of how many things in the game work, which I figure can’t be a bad thing for someone in a mentor role.


This man a top bloke +1

+1 Never had a bad interaction with that person.

i dont know you really, but you seem fine, nothing concerning in your profile, and i can see you have experience moderating communities so at least i can expect that you understand the admin team’s perspective
i say you’re worth a try, +1
i admit i’m not the most engaged with everything in my community but 10 minutes of searching you didn’t make me worried and thats usually good enough for this

This app is accepted. Welcome to the mentor team!