More activities for bounty hunters

Currently, bounty hunters have nothing to do after obtaining one or more of their targets.This means that they sort of need to make up their own thing to do after completing their objectives. This is even more prevalent if they are assisted by Security, as this happens much faster. Even if there was some little form of entertainment on the ship, like a deck of cards or an arcade machine, that would be nice. Alternatively, there could be some sort of “bounty hunter base” for the ship to dock at after completing their objective. Another issue I see with bounty hunters is no way to recharge the ship’s APC without stealing things from the station. The addition of RTGs or at least a PACMAN would be nice. As a last possible suggestion, space exploration is viable, but would need a few extra things to become enjoyable. Perhaps one of these could be tied into a “reward” for capturing fugitives, in the form of teleported equipment for the bounty hunters to use to enjoy themselves. As it stands now, most of the time after a success, the bounty hunters just seem to kill each other or themselves, or just huddle in with the rest of the crew.

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