Mr Carps simple tips and trick on "picking your fights"

Hello there spacemen and welcome to todays message on picking your fights.
You may wonder what to do when you see your coworkers just standing there menacingly in blood?!?
Well wonder no more for here are 5 situations that should show you the basics on what to look out for!!!

1:You walk into the bar and see the chemist murdering the hos, what do you do?

With only the the things given to you before arriving here at the station your best bet would be to run away and call security to the bar because unless the hos went ssd (or just sucks) the chemist will likely have a few tricks up his sleeve Go ahead a push that chemist onto the table, take his knife and go to town because you are a robust hardworking assistant. You could just infinitely table them but wheres the fun in that?

2: Your a security officer who just stumbled upon a traitor with an esword, what do you do?

Your first priority should be to stun and apprehend the traitor by either using your disabler or risk it and go in with your stun baton (could get slashed up in the process). You also can use the AoE effect of your flash for a quick takedown making them drop there precious esword. Once you have apprehended the subject notify the rest of security that they are a traitor and call for someone to revive the poor lawyer who just got decapitated.

3: Your sitting there talking with a coworker and then BOOM this man appears at the end of the hallway, what do you do?!??!

Your only chance of seeing tommorow is to toss your friend infront of the lasers as you make a mad dash for it. Just 1 shot from that death squad commando could have you lying on the ground begging for mercy.

4: You approach security and see a man who appears to be sniping down the corridoor, as usual what do you do?


You could try and notify someone at security but there most likely stuck due to this guy sitting here. You only other options are to rush him and push him against the wall or to flee away and hope he didnt notice you

5: You see an assistant enter the bar with a… remote signaler? What do you do…

Firstly panick, secondly be very cautious as that remote signaler could do anything!!! He could be just holding in because he doesn’t know what it does OR he has a multitude of bombs that he can set of with the press of the button. Honestly if the situation is the latter all you can do is pray to god he never gets angery or bored enough to hit that button.

Welp spacemen this has been Mr Carps simple guide on “picking your fights”. Tune in next time where I show you how to wrestle the captain with you bare hands.

(p.s last scenario was rushed because i accidently hit post and just wanted to get this finished quicky im sorry)


please tell me if you find a problem with this post, i want it to look nice and decent :D

You know…all of this could have been avoided if we only had a singulo


In the first example, you can push that chemist onto the table to the right of them and steal their knife.

Using the AoE flash on the second example would also be useful to blind them before going in for a stun.

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for the second situation you could also go for gripper gloves.
They are nice at denying e-swords because of the disarm.

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basically any situation that has you being chased, all you need to do is grab a fire extinguisher, alt clicking it will make a slippery tile and if youre lucky enough youll slip em, turn around and shove them again and if theyve dropped their weapon, you win spaceman. Basically only people who usually no-slips are nukies, people with CE boots or a traitor with 2 leftover tc (but noone buys them anyways). Not to mention if its cold, the water will freeze and make ice, which will slip people with noslips anyways


instructions unclear, my dog is now inside out