Mr Mime is a clown

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Mel Killson
Discord Name: Dar
Round ID: 23819
Griefer IC name: Mr Mime
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
I entered as a late-join curator on a cult shift, and about 10 minutes in after I get out of brig for un-related reasons I decide to SSD for a minute on the hallway next to bridge. Mr Mime comes up to my clearly SSD self (though not logged out) and took advantage of that to try to steal my ID and backpack. I returned just in time to stop him. We get into small scuffles after that, though most hits were done by me I never hurt them close to soft crit. Later in the shift as the shuttle is about to land, he comes up to me and starts stabbing me in the eye with a screwdriver. I knock him out and aggresive drag him to medbay to get treated for the hits I gave him. There I try to feed him a virus cure, and he wakes up and runs away from treatment and the pill I threw at him to take. The shuttle lands and as I’m trying to take a dead crewmate to medbay for revival, he attacks me and in the end hardcrits me with a screwdriver to the eye and throws me out the shuttle. I observed him after I died to that and he kept opening shuttle doors behind people until finally someone pushed HIM out in self defense.

He was not an antagonist.

This has been handled, thank you for the report!