Murder on shuttle by non antag

Byond Account: HeehawMcgraw
Character Name(s): Screw
Discord Name:
Round ID: 17475
Date: 11/11/2021
Griefer IC name: Hardcore Hailey
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened: Harcore Hailey shoving Vladslau Wellington out of the shuttle for no reason. They just yelled “antag,” grabbed the dude’s after having watched him go into it and shoved him outta the shuttle. It was 100% intentional but I don’t know why. Vladslau was not an antag. The victim wasn’t me but I see this player be a shitter very consistently over the past couple weeks and think they need to be reminded to read the server rules at the least.

This has been dealt with, but next time please ahelp it in round. I was in-game all round with nearly no tickets and you grief patrolled this when I could’ve dealt with it as it happened.