Murderboned by non-antag clown

Byond Account: Ltchickenman
Character Name(s): Gilroy Firth
Discord Name: dont have
Round ID: 19832
Date: 4/18/2022
Griefer IC name: Speckles
Griefer Byond account (if known): dont know

What happened: dude came up to me in shuttle and attacked me with a knife until almost crit, managed to get the upperhand until sec stunned and cuffed us both, took to medbay of shuttle on stasis table where he came to first and drilled my head off with a medical drill, found out at round end he wasn’t even antag.

Looking into this.

  1. It wasn’t Speckles that kill you, just someone using their ID, so don’t harass/grudge this player.
  2. The person that did kill you was brainwashed to behead you (from a traitor with the objective to behead you, which they didn’t claim for it to show on the end of round screen).

This is an IC issue, thanks for the report.