Murderboner chaplin hijacks the shuttle

Byond Account: derst bojma
Character Name(s): Ismael Woodworth
Discord Name: Ismael Woodworth
Round ID: 28996
Date: 27.10.23
Griefer IC name: Wendy Shrine
Griefer Byond account (if known): Duck-Needs-Bread

What happened:
Murderboned, plasmaflooded and hijacked the shuttle without a hijack objective.

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I was there too, he was just jumping people out of nowhere killing them, he had 3 objectives and did none or one of them while killing everyone out there. I literally got jumped putting out a plasma fire, batoned and killed. Nuts


I was the CMO in this round, he used his null rod to kill the clown, i rescued the clown after which he killed me in maints, then round removed me by dumping my body in space and removing my suit and id

This was handled thanks for report!

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