Murderboning cult juggarnaut

Byond Account:Supergamer215x
Character Name(s): Randy Weeter
Discord Name:TheReverse
Round ID:Round 27799
Griefer IC name: Juggarnaut(223)
Griefer Byond account (if known): SelfishLittleDuckPissbaby

What happened: Murderboned every non-cult they came accross, Made no attempt to convert said Non-cult and spaced more than half the station despite told not to. Not sure if this is everything That they did though.

I seen it as ghost, also that guy got very nasty in OCC before next round started.
Just a tease before

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Also forgot to mention, according to discord, they killed half of the cult

  • SelfishLittleDuckPissbaby was Juggernaut (223) Was a pretty interesting watch but uh yeah you should ban him

Adding this video up with the following timestamps:

  1. ~2:30 to ~6:14 - Horst and Soyboy (the Jugger) breaking into med’s sec outpost. None of them being Antagonists yet.

Complementary images showing they were no other Antagonist roles.

  1. ~10:00 to ~12:30 - They suddenly decided to go to lavaland and they don’t speak with each other at all, with few exceptions. I don’t quite understand why Soyboy killed himself, but that might be irrelevant.

  2. ~13:30 to ~17:30 - Horst seeks for cult and gets converted; and then Soyboy somehow knows exactly where to go to find the cult after getting revived (implying either metacommunication or use of metaknowledge).

  3. ~21:15 to the end of the video - Soyboy gets converted into a Juggernaut and starts destroying every single wall they can, spacing the cult base and maintenance, and eventually some areas of the station.

I was gonna keep recording, but I accidentaly pressed on Yes to abductor while writing something on Deadchat and got the role.

Hope this helps.

I’d like to add that this duo has came back to grief the shift right after with a plasmafire plus singularity combo

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I wasn’t there but,

It’s possible Soyboy was attempting to do some recon as a ghost to metacomm back to Horst about cult locations or whatever.

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T.Hanks for the report, the person named in this patrol has already been permabanned for an unrelated matter!