Murderboning, Self-Antagging, Validhunting and possibly Metacomms

Byond Account: BagpipeJogger
Character Name(s): Manganese V, Laughing Gas
Discord Name: N/A
Round ID: 22051, 22052
Date: 04/09/2022
Griefer IC name: Marty/Johnathan, Limb-removing doctor (unknown name), Larry Hoover, Noah Bowchiew
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened:


Regarding the situations involving the character Marty/Johnathan I’m aware the server policy is to disregard grief patrol reports if they were also dealt with in-game in Ahelp but I believe the moderators were not online long enough in the first round to adequately look into the situation and if the players involved were indeed warned about their behaviour they obviously didn’t care too much since it continued right up to the end of the second round, despite several ahelps made by myself.

I personally think the events need to be looked into more in-depth as a bigger picture rather than as each situation being isolated.

The events surrounding Noah Bowchiew in the second round were not dealt with in-game as far as I’m aware.

I’ve added (Ahelped) and (Not ahelped) to the end of paragraphs containing relevant information in the second round, so please feel free to ignore any paragraph marked with the former if you consider it inappropriate for this grief patrol.

First round - 22051 (The events in this round were ahelped with a response coming close to the end of the round as no admins were online for most of the duration)

The Characters:

Marty (Jonathan from round 220512) - Self-antagging

Limb-Removing Doctor - Self-antagging.

I was Manganese V, a roundstart cultist and near the beginning of the round the paramedic Marty injects me with Calomel for no reason. I report this to the CMO and this results in Marty chasing me around the medbay and punching me while I die of toxins. I attempt to buckle myself to stasis to prevent death but I keep having to repeatedly unbuckle myself from stasis to get away from Marty punching me. He continues to do this in full view of the CMO, who refused to even scan me to see that I was dying of toxins, until I am dead, at which point the CMO urgently rushes off to clean up some blood on the floor.

After my death, Marty collaborates with a doctor who’s name I’ve forgotten to remove all of my limbs (I believe they intended to replace my legs with lizards legs too), while also stealing my envirosuit gloves and plasma internals.

I get repeatedly defibbed and die by the limb-removing doctor until at some point after this medbay floods with plasma from the vents. I get revived once more and then taken off stasis by the doctor and allowed to husk and for my brain to be destroyed by fire, removing me from the round entirely.

At no point in this round was I identified as a cultist and my bag was not removed from my back meaning it also wasn’t know that I had a ritual knife or runic metal.

Neither the paramedic nor the doctor were antagonists.

Round Two: 22052

The Characters:

Me, Laughing Gas - Self-antagging.

Johnathan (Marty from round 22051) - Self-antagging and possibly metacomms /w Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover - Self-antagging and possibly metacomms /w Johnathan.

Noah Bowchiew - Self-antagging, murderboning and validhunting.

I start as clown and exit the theatre where the assistant Johnathan, who is clearly the same person as Marty from the previous round, is standing. I throw a pie at him and he immediately attacks me. I shove him away from me while backing off, but he persists in beating me to crit along with a bartender, Larry Hoover, who joins for some unknown reason, although I suspect they know each other and were communicating outside of the game. They then start dragging me down the hallway towards arrivals, but a large group has formed by this point and someone rescues my body and drags me to medical. (Ahelped)

After being taken to medbay, the chemist Noah Bowchiew table-slams me a few times before fleeing their department. I’ve had issues with this same person randomly attacking me and seen him do it to others in other rounds, often deliberately giving himself the violent schizophrenic brain trauma to allow him to do more damage (Not Ahelped)

Throughout the round, Johnathan and Hoover attack me on several different occasions with intent to kill, and I engage them by removing my gloves and running into them to set them on fire, and throwing Johnathans ID in disposals when his clothes burn off, at which point I stop trying to ignite them. (Ahelped)

At some point I beat Noah Bowchiew to crit and take him to security, as there seemed to be no security officers on the station, and turned him over to the captain for slamming me into tables earlier. Some time later, after a lot of stressful things happen to me, I find Noah Bowchiew, dressed in security gear, and the captain killing the mime who is confirmed to be a cultist. At this point the cultists do not have visible halos over their head, only glowing eyes. I tell them not to kill the mime, because she can be deconverted but Bowchiew demands that the captain kill the mime and cut off their head, claiming they can’t be deconverted as they’re the cult leader (I don’t know how he concluded that the mime was the leader and I’m pretty sure cult leaders can still be deconverted anyway). The mime was killed but the head was not removed. (Not Ahelped)

After talking with the CMO, They feed the mimes corpse holy water and I take her to medbay. I remove the cult equipment from their bag as a precaution, informing the doctors that they’re a cultist and ask that they try to revive and deconvert if possible. One of the items the mime had was a soul shard, so I then go to the chapel to try to find the chaplain to purify it, but instead find a bible. Out of curiosity I attempt to purify the shard myself, which to my surprise was successful. Afterwards I return to medbay and throw the shard on the floor in front of the crowd of crew gathered there, proclaiming that I purified it. I notice that the clown, Red Amongus, is in crit sliding around the floor. I tell them to hold still spraying libital on the him only for Bowchiew to use the purified shard to turn him into a shade, murdering the shade afterwards. (Not Ahelped)

I leave the medical department and walk towards departures, and when returning down the hallway I find Bowchiew in crit. At this point I’m at my wits end dealing with everything that’s happened in these two rounds, and felt personally responsible for the other clowns sharding and death. In a moment of poor judgement I use the shard on him to turn him into a shade, capture him in it and toss it on the floor. As a result of this, the moderator who is online bwoinks me and I get banned for self-antagging and powergaming for having the cult items I took from the mimes bag, and for sharding Bowchiew.

I was unable to see the end of round report for the second, but I’m very confident none of the names listed were antags.

so the Marty/Johnathan situation was handled in round by me because you yourself ahelped it. please dont file patrols for things already handled in round. if you MUST know, they have been permaed along with Larry through a different round. also a few things i would like to point out to you

yes and that was the reason this was not handled properly because you kept trying to engage them instead of de-escalating the situation and letting me handle it. so it DID look like you were fighting with them after instead of them going after you for nothing. you gave them plausible deniability by catching them on fire like that.

why did you do this as a non antag clown? it is not your job to do this and is powergaming.

again, not your job to do and if i remember correctly you tided into two different departments that round (cargo/chapel) and this situation could of been avoided if you had just not done things out of the scope of your department.

yes which is not within your job to do that, they didnt have halos yet, this is self antag.

you and i both know why that is but i wont go into details.

filing grief patrols for situations that were handled in round can be seen as admin shopping so please dont do that in the future. im going to close this now.