Murdered after the Revolution won

Byond Account:Silverdragon47
Character Name(s): Eduardo Scherer
Discord Name: Silverdragon
Round ID: 18836
Griefer IC name: Vivian James, Roger Newman
Griefer Byond account (if known): No idea

What happened: I was a head rev this round, after we won i was taking a sec body to medbay to remove the implant and resurect the guy. I front of medbay two sec officers noticed me and isntantly started blasting lasers. Mindshielded chaplain was there too bucking but he noticed that revs won after i got killed and took me to medbay. I didnt atacked or threated them in any way and i asked on radio earllier my fellow revolutionaries to spare remainign officers. I ahelped it during the round and it got resolved that IC issue. Before the end of roudn admin bwoinked me ( i was still laying on floor of medbay) that he talked with other admins and if i didnt threated them they didnt have a right to kill me. Roudn ended and on next round that admin was absent so this is why i make this greif report.

This has been handled, thanks for the report!