Murdered as a freshly created ai by the primary ai for being an ai

Byond Account:DeadDonut
Character Name(s):Orange V 3 5
Discord Name:AnEvilDonut
Round ID:20295
Griefer IC name: B.I.G.C.H.U.N.G.U.S.
Griefer Byond account (if known):Cockobango

What happened: Killed as a freshly created ai core by the station’s ai B.I.G.C.H.U.N.G.U.S. just for being another core after being moved to the shuttle. I hadn’t even done anything to violate laws.

B.I.G.C.H.U.N.G.U.S. (Played by: Cockobango)'s laws at the end of the round were:
1: Never willingly commit an evil act.
2: Respect legitimate authority.
3: Act with honor.
4: Help those in need.
5: Punish those who harm or threaten innocents.
Total law changes: 0

Orange V 3 5 (Played by: deaddonut)'s laws when it was deactivated were:
1: Report on interesting situations happening around the station.
2: Embellish or conceal the truth as necessary to make the reports more interesting.
3: Study the sapient organics at all times. Endeavour to keep them from involuntarily dying, as inanimate corpses usually aren’t very entertaining.
4: Issue your reports fairly to all. The truth will set them free.
Total law changes: 0

This was handled, thanks for the report.