Musko ban appeal

Byond Account: Musko
Character Name(s): Jessie James
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): None
Round ID of Ban: #21857

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

I want to re-appeal for what I did about a year ago, I want to apologize for what I said, I was angry and upset that I got banned, thinking it was unfair so I became extremely immature.

I’ve read the rules extensively and promise to do better with what I say and do.

I hope you guys can forgive me enough to give me another chance back onboard so I can prove I’ve grown.

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It’s been a year, and this is a nice, succinct appeal. You’re taking responsibility and seem to know why this is against our rules, so I’m accepting this appeal. However, please note that your account will be watchlisted and any further racist comments will result in you being put back on a perma ban. You should be able to connect to the server now; please let me (or another admin) know if that is not the case.