My ban appeal on the populated server, aslo know as "fulpstation"

Byond Account: Snowypanda
Character Name(s): ben snow
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): don't use discord
Round ID of Ban: round ID 18084 / ban id #25015

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: i believe that i was unjustly banned, i received a permanent ban for something i didn’t directly cause, also whenever i get banned/ warned admins tend to leave out key details from whatever scenario happened to suit their argument which bothers me to be frank, i’d like to talk about my ban and discuss it further with an admin other than the person that i had to deal with, thank you.

so here i go, it started with a round where we were about to escape shuttle and someone brought a fuel tank and i was like “oh a fuel talk, i’ll explode suicide. it should be fine since i got antag and antag are allowed to do cool stuff like this” then after doing so immidietly i got bwoinked

the admin/mod asked me ( keep in mind this isn’t 100% the exact lines cause it happened a while ago and i got a bad memory) “why did you bomb shuttle”
i said “cause i’m antag i’m allowed to do stuff like that cause i got antag”
they said " being antag doesn’t give you the right to drm shuttle" (i don’t know what drm means)
then i said " why is it always me that gets told off whenever i do something bad, i’ve had many bad thing happen to me by people self antagging and they were never caught" (this message has the highest chance of being wrong cause this part is still hazy in my mind)
and they proceeded to say"awh you poor guy you’re always the victim" which was really rude of them to act that way, it’s as if they were trying to provoke me which seemed immature behavior for someone you’d expect to help and dissolve and understand a problem whenever one occurs
anyways fast forward to next round a lot and i mean A LOT of stuff happened that kept me constantly distracted and i was having so much fun enjoying myself and my pie cannon, pie’ing anyone i see in the face that i literally forgot that i had a conversation with said admin last round, anyways i happened to be antag also on the second round but i miserably failed at my objectives cause i honestly suck at antag but anyways, fast forward to shuttle again, i plop down a syndie bomb and the counter for the syndie bomb is 90 seconds and we were well on our way to centcomm (centcomm arivall countdown was less than 1 minute)
everyone would’ve survived the bomb but some brave borg tried to disarm it and accidentally set it off early (around 20 seconds before arriving to centcomm)
which led me to get instantly banned by said admin/ mod without questioning me first and it was a perma ban, not even a temporary ban
i apologize if i’ve done anything bad but the admin in question treated me horribly and frankly whenever i play on fulp i feel like i’m targeted

Ban appeals are always handled by an admin other than the one that placed the initial ban. If you want to discuss a ban you feel was unfair, this is the place to do it. Here is some advice on how to do so effectively: 7 Tips for writing a good ban appeal
Please keep in mind that toxicity toward the banning staff member/ the moderation team is grounds for a denial.
When you’re ready, please edit this post with more details; otherwise, there’s really nothing to go off of for an appeal.

hello, i’ve done as you said

Found your post!

You clearly have no interest in our server or playing by the rules. We’re not the only server with pop, and it looks like you’ve had similar issues on Bee.

This is denied.

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