My cool ban appeal

Byond Account: SuperSteve3500
Character Name(s): STEVE WILLIAMS, Bobo (the offender)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): sexy joe#1356
Round ID of Ban: 18804

Ban Message (Screenshot - ff08001a129aca8adef5fca799e9708b - Gyazo)

State your appeal: Im mad chillin, bringing my various honkbots from throughout the shift onto the shuttle when I find this find a honkbot given to an engi who I had nicknamed “Albert” absolutely honking on those goons. I, cackling like a maniac at this newfound power, start jokingly saying “The honkening has begun” “The honkening has commenced”.

I live in australia. This game already lags like shit for me. I had accidentally created a lag machine, which (you know) causes a lot of lag. My shitty ass australian internet couldnt handle the sheer fuckin magnitude of Albert in his prime. Look at this screenshot,

notice how I have 2419 ping. I disconnected a few frames (multiple seconds) after this screenshot was taken, but not on purpose. I know you wanted to bwoink me and ask “hey what the fuck” afterwards and it made it look like I was fleeing the scene, but I wasnt :clown_face:

I’m removing the perma that was added after you disconnected since that was done solely because you disconnected, but I’m leaving the 3 day as-is. It looks like it was applied correctly, and you not taking the appeal seriously doesn’t really encourage me to give you the benefit of the doubt here.