Nathanial Owens and Chance Reade

Byond Account: mxsterisk
Character Name(s): KITT
Discord Name: Tet14(Ethan Morgan/KITT)#0168
Round ID:11773
Griefer Byond Account: Unknown and Unkown
Griefer Byond Name: Nathanial Owens and Chance Reade
What happened: Over the course of the round these two as captain and RD acted like complete shitters.

-Both almost never responded on command, RD not talking on anything for at least twenty minutes
-Captain ordered me to be law changed for no apparent reason, occupying multiple security officers time, completely ignoring the HOP had been murdered right close by and those sec officers would have apprehended three-four lings had they not been helping cap. There was also no way he didn’t know this happened as I told him myself and had reported on it.
-Chance continued to destroy my turrets after uploading the laws she wanted, and uploaded several different lawset , before uploading quarantine and then lying about not doing so.
-When my laws were changed Chance came back every time to change laws, even without captains approval.
-Wanted to card me for being ‘malf’ despite uploading several lawsets before hand and literally being in the upload room alone and not being lethaled.

  • Wanted to then kill me as well, for no discernable reason apart from AI might be ‘malf’ and to then replace me.
    -Broke into the satellite with hulk, using EMP grenade or some sort of emp to disable my turrets, break down the doors and card me, then kill me.
    -After killing me,Chance proceeded to completely ignore multiple people that had come to help me, even though all they did was ask her WHY she done it.
    -After two lings came and attacked everyone,she left the people she KNEW were dead in the upload, those being Rick Hick and Sizz.
    -After Chance brought me to Nathanial,she revealed she had made no prepered Ai replacement before hand,and when she said she would go build one never done so.
    -Nathanial ordered a security officer who was given the card I was in to not restore me, and they would get a replacement.
    -Nathanial also encouraged the crew to go and kill the free golems who were just chilling

They might have done more stuff but I can’t remember. I also can’t take screenshots because I hit the go back limit on the chat.

Sorry to whichever mod/admin looks at this cause this will take a lot of time going through the logs.

Caps reasoning to kill all the golems (nobody ever came to kill us even though he ordered it) was terrible, that we were “mining resources the shaft miners could be mining”. But the action in itself is not indefensible given that we were going to the station and actively recruiting crew members for our settlement which is obviously bad for the captain. He obviously didn’t think of this aspect though, and all the other shit he did still warrants punishment. Maybe the golem incident does too but not up for me to decide.

This is lacking a round ID which is the most essential part of the grief patrol since without it i cannot look into it.

I believe this is the right round ID. Sorry for not putting it in

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It’s alright, I went ahead and looked into it but there doesn’t appear to be any logs of them on that round.
Since i can’t seem to find the right ID i’ll go ahead and close this but if you remember the ID just let me know.