Near wordless chef fails to make any food and in fact cannot understand English or meaningfully interact with anyone

Byond Account: The_Maggot_Guy
Character Name(s): Charlie Finger (me, bartender) Rafil Kunafin (irl Russian, chef)
Discord Name: The Maggot Guy#3950
Round ID: 14092
Griefer Byond account: idk
Griefer Byond name: 
What happened: 

So people are starving this entire shift, right
Go check up on chef, ask him if I can make people some food because they are starving, and bc at that moment there were like 4-5 people there for food including me. He says nothing so I start teasing him, figure he’s new. “You awake? Anybody in there?” Stuff like that.


He then drops something in russian which I have no way of understanding and I react apropriately by stating I don’t speak Italian, and then I ask him defeatedly to “please just make some fucking food”. He doesn’t. Instead he heads south into the botany area, and probably leaves out the door, because he is never to be seen again.

And because there are no more knives, and I’m the bartender, I cannot meaningfully make any food for people. I did make a pizza but couldn’t cut it without a knife. (Did learn about plastic knives at the end of the shift, thank fuck.)

I get that this is a new player server and we’re supposed to be open to new players and such, but this is also a roleplay server, based on interactions between players, and my man is using an entirely different alphabet. If I went on to a russian server and couldn’t understand anyone or interact I’d 100% expect to eat a ban.

Looks like a wycctider who joined wrong server, the thing he said translates like this:“Fuck, Im a new guy, just ended university.” And I don’t think reporting him will do anything since he did nothing against rules, without knowing english he probably already went to RU servers.


Dealt with.

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This was handled in-round by the TWO tickets you submitted. Making a grief patrol after this violates our rules on admin shopping and I am suspending your forum account for 3 days because of this. Doing anything like this again will result in a server ban, rather than just a forum suspension.