Need for CQC guide

Bois, there is no close quarters combat guide and i think one would be quite usefull. Please somene make one if you have a knowledge and wish.

Look to the upper right of the screen there should be a CQC tab it show’s you the possible combo’s there


When you code write it

Welp, all what is left it’s a banana peel and a runing tactics then

There’s a few combos you can do, grab grab disarm will always be the best as it puts people to sleep for wayyy too long but personally, i like to grab harm, to drop them to the floor, then disarm and grab for big stam damage (i think those are the combos, i havent used cqc in ages). Also disarming people will snatch the weapons from their hand if they have one, so its invaluable on ops.

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There is a CQC guide. Look a little harder next time.

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Bash your keyboard until you get a combo