New game I found

Hey ben, This is zoey… Found this new game on the web. Ya know, Old crappy engine from 199 whatever? Yeah… Heard something bout’ this creepy server on A game called space station 13?.. Yeah ben. Bet its all just for shits and gigs. You know the internet. Alright ben, If I find anything on this so called “Haunted server” I’ll contact you. Alright ben… Bye

ERP 18+ whitelist only “haunted server”

oops i didnt realize this was going to be a big story my bad for the joke

Hey Zoey, you haven’t been answering your phone. I stopped by your apartment the other day, and it didn’t seem like you were home…

I think I saw the light from your computer monitor on in your upstairs bedroom, is everything okay? I’m a little bit worried after the voicemail you left me last week. Hope to hear from you soon

I turned my PC off when I went to the shop… Strange. And I dont know any voicemail?.. Anyways, Ben. I found this youtube channel who didnt use it so he gave me it… I’ll post my findings on the game. It seems to be active with REAL people but when I got on… Nobody. Games about some space station and theres like… Nantrasen and stuff with syndicate I dont fucking know… But what interested me the most was a guy I found on the second round of te game. He didnt seem to have his ingame ID on him or whatever… Just with the name unknown. Like I said, Maybe this game is just a shits and gigs joke made by the internet to scare people but maybe If I keep going down the rabbit hole I might find something interesting. Keep ya posted, Ben!



Fulpstation ARG? I’m so in.

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