New-ish Chaplain rolls heretic, attacks both the HoP and the CMO in broad daylight, and become EXTREMELY butthurt when I catch him in the act every time

Byond Account: Luxaeterna
Character Name(s): Bombyx Uruma
Discord Name: Bombyx Uruma
Round ID: 28390
Date: 25/09/2023
Griefer IC name: Nelson Scott
Griefer Byond account (if known): WilliamTenebreas

What happened: So here I was, running around the station as a security officer assigned to medical. I suddenly hear the AI warning security that one of the chaplains has a green hand. Thinking nothing of it, I continue minding my business when I hear the HoP Eduardo get attacked mid-sentence. Suspecting that something might have happened near arrivals, I head there.

So the HoP is downed and getting brought back on his feet, and the witnesses all say that the Chaplain did it. Attacking at first the wrong guy, I manage to catch the real culprit Nelson Scott. He was already very angry at this, but I was ignoring his first outbursts as a juvenile fit of anger, nothing too bad. I brought him to security and bag checked him, but because the shuttle was already on the way and I didn’t find anything incriminating on him, I let him go with a stern warning.

Cut to 5 minutes later; I’m inside medical, dealing with a vampire problem, when I see the same chaplain attacking the CMO this time, and again I intervene. I manage to catch him and put him in cuffs. What follows is one long, unstopped string of slurs, the vitriol of which could probably fuel the Escape Shuttle for the whole trip and back. Here is one such example:


Suffice it to say, he did not stop during the whole trip. I also did Adminhelp it during the shift, but it was already almost EORG time. I hope this information helped!

This has been dealt with, sorry for the delay. Thanks for the report.