New Players and Their Flamethrowing Antics

Byond Account: SpaceDragon00
Character Name(s): Beatrice Isamoff / Isekatt
Discord Name: Beatrice Isamoff
Round ID: 14113
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Joey Jo-Jo, Mr. Sizzland
What happened:

It was pretty late into the round. SM delammed, shuttle called.
Sizzland (Security Officer) was near Engineering entrance, and wondered aloud where the emergency shuttle was (“Where shuttle” or something similar for your Ctrl+F-ing needs). Joey (Engi/Atmos Techie, I forget) came out of Engineering and promptly flame-throwered sizzland. Sizzland ran away, extinguished themselves, and went back in to baton Joey, which they did successfully. Sizzland then took Joey’s flamethrower and proceeded to immolate them repeatedly despite already putting Joey down and disarming them. After bringing them to max firestacks, Sizzland threw the flamethrower aside and just walked away. Joey later started cutting random wires on the escape shuttle to bolt the entrances closed.

After checking the round-end report, none of them appeared to be antags or lings, since it was a bloodsuckers round. Neither were vassals, either, unless Im incredibly stupid and missed something obvious. It seemed like both of them were new players.

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Dealt with!