Ninja murdering with capture objective but seemingly not actually capturing? (See below and replies for details)

Byond Account: FernandoJ8
Character Name(s): Jean-Luc Carter, Lacida Obscura, Serves-The-Drinks, **Tin LXVI** (character I played in that round), Danny Welty
Discord Name: FernandoJ8 (Check Introduction) / FernandoJ8#0196
Round ID: 12789
Griefer Byond account: Belle Felphine
Griefer Character name: Hunter Hero
What happened:

They were a ninja and had no objectives to kill, yet they murdered several people including me (an atmos technician that in no way stood in his way) and I think my coworker, although I only found them on a locker near the place where I was killed so I can’t be sure.

‘Capture 8 lifeforms with an energy net’ is a murder objective, you have to put them in crit or dead, then net them to send them to ninja jail, permanently removing them from the round.

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I guess that is true, but for example in my case they just ran off and if my coworker was killed by them too they just left em in a locker. I should change the title though, I didn’t realize that.

Thanks john!

Not true. You can net them without killing. All you have to do is steal some form of drugs to incapacitate them. Something like chloral hydrate would probably do just fine. Considering ninja can access anything it wants, at essentially any time, I would not say that stealing some methods of nonlethal subjugation would be out of the question.

Yes but still, that objective does give a license to kill. Live specimens are better rewarded, not required, the only thing I’m complaining about is killing seemingly without the intent of netting, although I’m again unsure of how exactly the scene unfolded from the POV of the ninja, so I trust admins can either confirm or deny this by looking at logs.

It has been dealt in game. Thanks for reporting in anyway.

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