Noban243 Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Noban243
Character Name(s): (cant remember, was randomized)
Discord Name :chemist24254#4868
Round ID of Ban:13630
Ban Message :Imgur: The magic of the Internet
State your appeal: I was in the middle of typing my explanation when the round ended,
sometimes my byond can mess up and it takes me a little bit to join back, heres my explanation

so, me an assistant was in security right, and I’m fairly new to this game, but I have watched a few videos on it,
so anyway, I was in sec, and the warden was arresting some sec guy. me, being a dickhead assistant decided that it would be funny to slip the warden continuously and run around sec with the guy, so I did that, and then HoS caught wind of it, so he was watching me do this, and the guy who I
was dragging (the one being arrested) was talking about how the warden is wrongfully arresting him
and all that jazz. so the HoS stunned the warden and handcuffed him, so then the HoS slipped on a banana peel and the warden was let go of his grip so I tried to stunbaton him, to stop him from getting away, but I guess the baton was out of charge or something and I harmbatoned him. so at that point he
was knocked out, and the HoS was putting him in jail, and then I though, since the wardens in jail, no ones gonna be needing his stuff, right?, so I took his id, stunbaton and hardsuit, at that point the shuttle had arrived, so I went to go on it, once again real sorry about this. really want to play on this server, seems very fun

I’m hesitant to appeal this as most perma’s are re-perma’d within a week. However, I unbanned your account with the understanding that if you are griefing again, you’ll be re-perma’d. You should be able to log in now. Let me know if that’s not the case