Nobelium's Mentor Application

Byond Account: CyoTheProtogen
Character Name(s): John Fortnite / Muffin / Nobelium XVIII
Discord Name: Cyo#2473
Age: 19
Timezone: EST
Active hours: Varies greatly, but I’m pretty much constantly on the discord if that counts for anything.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

903 Hours (686 Living)

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Engineering: Probably my “main” department as of recently, I am well versed in what many of the gadgets and stuff do. For example, I can reliably set up the SM and fix it if need be, I know how to set up atmos properly for the new fastmos system, how to make cool gasses, and I’m even starting to do some experiments with the new HFR! But besides all that, I know also the basics like how to fix a hull breach, proper piping, all that.

Medical: I’m decent at medical, knowing how to quickly and reliably make most chems and even make good chem factories, at least until fermichem gets merged. I also know how to quickly patch someone up and what equipment is best used for what. If I’m given a dead body, they will end up revived, no matter how long it takes. Virology is also something I’m decent at, being able to make good diseases and quickly curing the infinitely worse ones.

Security: Gonna be honest, I don’t play security that much and it even holds the 3 jobs I haven’t touched yet. Besides that, I have most of space law memorized and the basics of how not to be shitsec.

Science: I’ve played science a fair bit. I know what research to get, how to do xenobiology and cytology decently, and make big stompy mechs. Genetics I’m also good at, but I haven’t touched it since the big merge, so I might be rusty. As an extension to all this, I know the vitality of upgrading machinery, especially after the nerf to the ORM and mining in general. However, One thing that still eludes me is how to make TTVs, I understand the basics and all that, but I can never just get it to work.

Cargo: I’m pretty good at the basics at cargo, knowing how to make an absurd amount of money and rushing the station goal. I also know how not to die instantly as a miner and get a bunch of mats, but I’m still too unrobust to reliably kill any megafauna.

Service: I’m… ok at service jobs, being able to make a decent amount of chef foodstuff and bartender drinks. I also know what to clean and which plants would be… “beneficial” to the crew.

Silicon: Having used to main this, I know a lot about how your robotic friends function. I’m decent at nearly all the cyborg modules, even some of the syndicate ones. I can follow and interpret laws well, and the keybinds have now taken a permanent residence in my brain.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

From my personal experience, I’ve noticed that not many are well versed about atmospherics, or really just engineering in general, and it makes me sad watching them try their hardest to fix something miles above their skill level, but failing and deciding to leave the game. Hopefully I’d be able to do something about that, as engineering is my favourite department by far.


This dude a real one. +1

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Sweet boy +1



+1 to fellow silicon main.

it be the based fusion man

+1 always see this guy playing in the engineering department. Definitely has knowledge