Non-antag Assistant: sees traitor (neuron activation), pulls stunbaton out of nowhere, stuns me, steals everything and never explains why

Byond Account: Bonechomper
Character Name(s): Ryan Finlay
Discord Name: TheDoomPlatypus#7174
Round ID: 25735
Griefer IC name: Vitaly (assistant)
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Heading to the cafeteria with the intention of killing my target I was following there. At this point I had already gotten my other traitor obj. (CE boots) and had recently bought a .357 with the intention of shooting my target in the back of the head.

Vitaliy was behind the kitchen counter making burnt food for whatever reason, and was otherwise neutral… Until after I had killed my target. The moment my target hit the floor, Vitaliy springs into action, leaping over the counter and pulling a stunbaton out of nowhere to stun me and proceeded to steal my satchel (with the magboots inside, as well as everything else I owned, traitor and regular items), my ID/PDA, and my janibelt as well.

Then, Vitaliy runs away and puts the satchel and janibelt somewhere hidden (I never did find out where). Every subsequent encounter, he silently ran away with no explanation as to his motives or where anything was hidden. When I reached the shuttle, I attacked him to check his bag, and all I found was my revolver from before but nothing else.

After the round ended, he was not revealed to be any kind of antag, instead just some random assistant. My traitor round was lost cause of that one spontaneous incident.

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