Non-Antag Atmos Tech ruins pipenets in a series of rounds

Byond Account: fattyboomboom
Character Name(s): Jacob Smith
Discord Name:
Round ID: 13300
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Imani Turner
What happened:

In round ~12998 (the round crashed) I arrived on the station after 2 minutes and there was already 40000 moles of air in the waste loop. We had a lot of trouble this round trying to find the source of the syphon and most of the station was suffocating with 80kpa pressure in the halls. The following round I went to lavaland because engineering was way too busy and I heard someone found the source of an air scrubber was the bar.

I had to waste my time and observe round 13300 to see who was griefing because this person had ruined all the previous rounds taking up time for fun experiments to deal with sabotage.

A non-antagonist Imani Turner, atmospherics technician:

  • Set the distroloop temperature to max (200C).
  • Wrenched 2 n2o cans to distribution.
  • Wrenched 6 cans to the atmos connector ports then opened one before being knocked out by the sleeping gas and getting apprehended by CE.
  • Welder bombed 3 times including the shuttle after being demoted.
  • Sabotaged the distro and waste loop by going to dorms and swapping the air fan and scrubbers around (he attempted to set air alarms to max like in previous rounds to flood n2o but CE revoked his atmos access).
  • Turned off a space heater which was keeping medbay warm on purpose, 1 minute after all the airlocks disrupted medbay and the temperature dropped below -5C.
  • Threw 2 people in disposals, 1 sdd who was just afk and another Jack who’s body was revivable and waiting on surgery.

i would also like to add: this person welder bombed the evac shuttle on (i think) round 13300 could possibly be the round before that.

Yeah it was that round and the same person.

I almost forgot they also turned off all the control computers/consoles for the chambers in atmos so that no gas would be pumped out or filter.

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This has been taken care of.