Non-antag atmospheric technician. God himself?

Byond Account: Papersmiles
Character Name(s): Bishop
Discord Name: Nikki#3172
Round ID: 24385
Griefer IC name:John Willard
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
John Willard was just being a menace the whole time he wasn’t ssd

Relevant events: Destroyed a cyborg for flooding the engineering lobby with N2O during a test to check the validity of a claim (scrubbers and vents don’t work under transit tubes<- John claimed this. When the claim was disproven, he switched the reason for griefing the cyborg). Test was conducted because he kept disassembling the cyborg (T.I.M.)'s transit tubes. When the second test took place in a more secluded place, he broke in (note, the room was bolted as to prevent more accidental flooding) and destroyed the cyborg again for “trespassing” into atmospherics, after the air had been scrubbed of N2O.

When security arrested him, he escaped from brig, using the warden’s id to escape (which he did return).

He gave several reasons for stopping the cyborg, T.I.M., from following his efficiency lawset, in this order:

  1. Transit tubes block vents and scrubbers from functioning. Disproven
  2. Malfunctioning cyborg/AI. Yet he didn’t call security or go to science for help
  3. Trespass. An engineer cyborg can’t “trespass” in engineering, which includes atmospherics

Any and all attempts at dissuading him from outright murdering T.I.M., including mine, T.I.M.'s and the captain’s, were met with complete indifference.

0 RP, all powergame

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So from the start, I gave several reasons why I didn’t want transit tubes. I told the Borg this, and I told the Captain this. I might’ve said over the radio, but I don’t remember. Regardless, I did have a reason to not want the tubes. I said it blocked pipes because that’s how they are supposed to be.

Other reasons I gave were: It blocked Janitors from cleaning, it blocked paramedics from moving bodies, it blocked people from moving around in the hallways, and some others.

I never once did anything to the Borg until way later when they N2O flooded, until then I was just deconstructing the tubes, nothing more. I called the Borg (and later you) malf because the borg went on to N2O flood a second time, bolted me out of atmos, and threatened me at one point over the radio ( “come to atmos” and “you wont like what happens” or something). What kind of non-malf Silicon will N2O flood Engineering? I also did tell Security about it, the first time you had called Security over I explained the situation to them and how they flooded. I reported the authorities, what more am I supposed to do? Go hunt you myself?

They also told me several times at the start of the round that because I’m an atmos tech and not an engineer, it’s not my job to remove transit tubes and should “go back to atmos”, so I treated them the same way they treated me, except at least I didn’t toxic gas flood.

Any and all attempts at dissuading him from outright murdering T.I.M., including mine, T.I.M.'s and the captain’s, were met with complete indifference.

I turned myself in to security several times including to the Warden who came to the front door and asked me to go to Brig with him, I cooperated and answered any question they gave me, I resisted being handcuffed and that was all. The Captain (who early in the round added a law saying “john willard is to be ignored and is a loser” or something) still kept trying to get me thrown in jail for a list of crimes they stated at one point (property destruction and trespass or something). The warden was perma’ing me, so I broke myself out non-lethally and left them with all their gear.

Minor edit: I also PDA’d security several times about this throughout the round on top of already having told them my side of the story.

N2o flooding engineering is pretty blatantly against the efficiency lawset, It is okay to kill borgs who are actively sabotaging atmos against their laws. I’ll still be checking the logs to verify all this though & speak to everyone who is in the wrong, thanks for the report!