Non-antag attacked security

Byond Account: OneTortoise
Character Name(s): Ray Edwards
Discord Name: onetortoise
Round ID: 30827
Date: 2024/02/13
Griefer IC name: Eats-The-Crew
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:

After arresting John Willard for being devil agent, Eats-The-Crew attacked me on the way to brig, and he was later assisted too by another devil agent, putting me near death, and even passing out serveral times due to bloodloss.

I later perma him in normal cell for attempt murder(because perma is spaced), thinking he was one of the accesory of devil agent.

He claims that he did it because of valentine antag, while the two agent I was fighting was not his valentine; he has also claimed the attempt murder charge was uncalled for even though he did admit wanting to crit me later, and also helping a agent esacpe.

Hey, I’m Eats-The-Crew, CKEY howluinb.

I rolled valentine for “Slimey Mcgee” at roundstart, and quickly set off to find them. Turns out, they were a devil agent and were killed by John Willard like, 10 seconds into the round (after a failed assassination attempt on John), although I only found that out at the end of the round.
I spend the first half of the round (30 full minutes) searching for them throughout the station, asking all of sec for info and only getting met with “Well he’s not on sensors” “idk” “i don’t care”
I OOC understand that Slimey is definitely either dead or an antag and IC, Eats understand “Well shit, it’s clearly obvious the police don’t care about my future husband, I’ve got to take this into my own hands.” As a reminder, the Valentine objective asks to protect your loved one at all costs.

I hear about a devil existing, which is the sole source of information I could get - if Sec won’t/can’t help, surely it will ? I bugger them for a deal with the devil which leads to my arrest for colliding with sec while they were getting arrested, before getting let go with a mindshield while devil gets permaed.
I then, by coincidence, encounter Willard in maints who just freed Aspear the devil from perma. Sensing my opportunity to get a deal/find more info, I try to help them secure the body at which point a chase starts between willard and sec.
Of note is that I did not help either side and stood as a bystander for the entire duration of the fight, until the very end where willard was found and cuffed.
I try to chase a seccie who took the crate containing Aspear’s body but, to no avail, he’s too fast, so i give up but right then and there I find Ray in departures, fiddling with cuffs or something with John right behind him.
“Ah shit, this is my last chance to get help from the only people who listened to me and were helping” Eats thinks IC.
Hence, Eats decides to try and drag willard away.

Following this, a fight ensues, which slowly escalated and was NOT a “murder attempt” from the start.

  • I grabbed willard to lead him through maints and free him solely to find myself cornered
  • I come back to departures
  • I try and get you down so I can uncuff willard fast (and yes, that meant critting you because I didn’t have time to stam cuff you while in such a tense situation)
  • You manage to baton me but a second guy arrives who decides to help Willard, not me and shoots you to near death (I barely caused a bruise on you)
  • Reinforcements arrive, I try to do my best to flee/not get arrested, but it was over from the moment the flashbangs popped.

Anyways, from that point onwards, you call what I did attempted murder so that it’s an easy case to file and you can give me redtext if i’m an antag, all of sec ignores me as I get stuck in a unpowered 2x2 cell in brig, stripped fully naked for 30 minutes. (The first 15 were when i was in departures stuck in the cell there, though). Understandably, you can agree that even if perma was justified (which no, trying to crit you is not trying to murder you), this type of shit is why you call for an execution instead, because leaving a player isolated and ignored for literally half the round is not fun.

At least, at the end when I manage to escape and get shot down (5mins before shuttle), you free me “because you’re annoying with this” and I get to find out what happened and that sec was helping but I just wasn’t given info/didn’t notice. Eats even comments on this, that she’d have readily grabbed weapons and killed John in revenge for the ripped soul of Slimey if she knew this from the start.
And then you grief patrol me for this after making me wait 30 minutes in an empty cell fully naked, which, come on man, you already ruined 30 mins out of my day for something that barely affected you.


  • I was Valentines with an Antag, Valentines have to protect their date at all costs and above all allegiances
  • He disappeared near roundstart and seeking help from Sec lead to nowhere on top of spending 30 mins searching for them in maints on my own
  • I turned to the devil & her agent because it was overwhelmingly likely they had info/knew where Slimey was
  • Devil died, so I decide to help them until she gets revived so I can know where Slimey is/get a devil deal to help me out
  • Big sec fight, Eats stands by to try and retrieve the corpse/not involve herself too much.
  • Everything calms down, only John is left as Ray lags behind everyone else, so the fight described above ensues
  • I get stuck for 30 mins in a cell before finding out it was all in vain at the very end of the round

From my own view, I made it obvious near the start of the round that I had killed their valentine when we spoke in the hallways about how they would likely never see them, implying that I had killed them, so it made sense for them to assume I had some information on their location. The round was kinda a mess because all agents were basically fighting for the Devils body while we were all trying to deny that they were actually the Devil in the first place, but I did break them out in prison and Eats saw us in maints near arrivals with prisoner equipment still on which further reinforced the idea that we were behind the disappearance of their Valentine.

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The logs match up with their stories. As for attempted murder charge, it was justified, since you had no context for why Eats-The-Crew was there and fighting you. If it wasn’t attempted murder, it would be assault of an officer with a weapon, since at one point you were attacked with a toolbox, which is also a crime with perma as punishment.

Thanks for the report!