Non-Antag Bartender Prints Lethal Rounds then Metagames

Byond Account: fattyboomboom
Character Name(s): Kingman
Discord Name:
Round ID:12552
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Kevin Smith
What happened:

Miners spawned a lot of non-sentient xenos. As a sec officer nothing much was happening so I dragged a non-sentient docile queen to arrivals to spook new people landing. A sec borg and bartender start attacking it. I didn’t intervene with them but try to explain it’s a simple mob. During this time I notice the bartender is shooting lethal rounds at the queen when they start reloading. I warned them at round start that they shouldn’t take the shotgun outside of the bar as the HoS could get angry about it. I go to arrest them by stunning them with a baton, a chemist, Gary Plants, comes off the shuttle and immediately starts interfering so I flash them and continue the arrest. The borg, who is subverted, moves the bartender.

The bartender eventually gets to their feet and shoots me with lethal rounds. Gary Plants starts hitting me with a plant pot. I eventually die and am dragged to medbay.

During this time I am cuffed and the bartender watches over me, he then steals all my belongings and when I am finally revived I am brought to brig completely naked on a paramedics bed.

I have nothing on me so when he finally uncuffs me I get a baseball bat and crit him, get my stuff back off him, and take him to medbay where he decides to ghost, take a spider spawn, finds me in medbay and bites me.

On the shuttle he drags me again as a spider (497 i believe) and I say “oh look it’s a metagaming spider” and he says “it’s mrp get used to it”.

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Edit this to have the grief patrol tag.

Dealt with it. Thanks for the report.