Non-antag chef kills a coroner and gibs the body

Byond Account: Mr_breh
Character Name(s): Bob Gren
Discord Name: Don’t have
Round ID: 26319
Date: 6/7/2023
Griefer IC name: Diepangkorn Rasmijoti
Griefer Byond account (if known): Don’t know

What happened:

During my obsession round, Dipang, a non-antag chef, over-escalated a conflict that led to my death and gibbing. The grief began when I asked for food in the kitchen, which he responded something in the lines of “i don’t like your kind around here” later clarifying that he didn’t like coroners. I responded by threatening to drill his eyes out, he then decided leave the kitchen to CQC disarm me and attacked me with my drill, causing me to bleed out. I was then taken to medical, but the chef then stole my body and gibbed me. He kinda ruined my round, I would like some help if you can, thanks.

This has been dealt with- thanks!