Non-Antag Chemist mixes up flash powder to kidnap me

Byond Account: Delta0star
Character Name(s): Nush-Kajul
Discord Name:Delta(Nush-Kajul
Round ID:13310
Griefer Byond account:N/A
Griefer Byond name:Austin Powers
What happened: On round 13310 i decided to run MD i had spare time and it was pretty quiet in medbay at the time so i requested chem lab access from cmo to attempt to make a functioning Synthflesh Factory later on in the shift a chemist by the name Austin Powers force feeds some chem to an ssd chemist i tell him to stop and after a short moment leaves i dont realise but hes next to me mixing up flashpowder he eventually comes back up to me and asks “you know what this is on my head?” and then mixes the flashpowder flashing me and then cuffing me i call for help as the CMO was pretty nice that shift and he rushes to my aid the chemist had put me into the back room of the chem lab with the reinforced floors thats as far as he got both times but he performed this action twice in the shift can you deal with him i assumed i was a target or something but as you can tell by the title he was not an antag.

This has been dealt with