Non-antag lawyer suicide bombs warden & kills like 4 other people with it

Byond Account: pestolain
Character Name(s): xar-see
Discord Name: bepsilon
Round ID: 19260
Date: 2 seconds ago
Griefer IC name: i think it was randy losey
Griefer Byond account (if known): your job to figure that out

What happened:

There were like 4 of us enjoying the perma life 2 roundstart ones which included me and paris coldsmith and two other people that later joined us everything was cool except for the prison shuttles that kept giving us impossible to complete objectives. That all was until some random lawyer came with the warden into perma and detonated himself with a pizza bomb next to the warden & the 4 of us died later from the giant hole he made.


we had already received a pizza bomb from another officer earlier into the round and he said it was for us idk if it was the lawyer that gave him it but it makes me think that it was intentional idk its for u guys to decide

also @mentalcow friggin executed me on the spot when i came later looking for paris coldsmith’s corpse IDK how that asshole isnt already banned this is the 3rd grief patrol against him but you dont need to deal with that because ill be handling it irl i have his IP

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It was Red Alert, you were an Unknown in an eva suit inside of perma when one of the most wanted people on the station was a Space Explorer (according to cap or smth, idk weird job title), there was a syndicate box right next to you, and there was a broken wall making it look like you broke in, Cap authorised Lethal Force on the space explorer traitor (which i thought you were.). So L

also i told a mediborg to bring you to medbay so double L.

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53.2841377, -6.5553445

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imagine living near south dublin :nauseated_face:

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Dealt with, thank you for reporting it.