Non-antag murderboning (intern cargo assistant "Machine Cultist")

Byond Account: Lawlolawl
Character Name(s): Greyson Newbern (randomised)
Discord Name: lawlolawl01 (Server nickname: Lawlolawl)
Round ID: 26602 (the one before 26603)
Date: 23 June 2023, round ended at around time EDT 12:40
Griefer IC name: Machine Cultist
Griefer Byond account (if known): NIL

What happened: As an intern cargo assistant, he murderboned when there was a malf AI (with borgs) mass killing the station. I don’t mind murderboning by antags that much if it furthers their goals but Machine Cultist was “going with the tide” and actively helping the malf borgs and AI kill everyone else even though round end revealed they were not antag at all (or converted). They just did it for funsies. It was also the second round in a row with pirates into malf AI, with AI effectively destroying the whole station (more murderboning but at least they’re antag).

As for when he killed me it was on lavaland common shuttle as I was going to hide as sec were all dead and station was doomed, near round end (about 1 hour round time).

I ahelped but no one was online unfortunately. Also a curator who happened to be on lavaland dumped my body into a fire as a non-antag but I was staying dead anyway, w/e.

Adding to this grief patrol.
It seems that a mime named “F One to Administrator Assist” Or something along the line of that was the law change culprit.
End report does not reveal them to be antagonist.

Byond account W0rldRenownBuster claims to be the one behind this
Picture of the AI laws in question:

Didn’t notice that, thanks

Anything can happen when gods are asleep

Round 26601 might also be suspicious but the roboticist in charge of the borgs was indeed a tot so maybe no foul

this account has since been permabanned for something unrelated so I’m closing this. Thanks for the report!