Non antag paramed kills me for no apparent reason

Byond Account: Daftfiddle
Character Name(s): Kevin Conner
Discord Name: Greenfire#5755
Round ID: 21338
Date: July 23rd
Griefer IC name: Fletcher Mothston
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Was a thief who had to stockpile corpses for a “tea party”. sec investigated and let me go since all the corpses were soulless. I went and grabbed tea when a paramedic kills me with a circular saw.
after checking the roundend report they weren’t an antag.

this has been handled. thanks for the report! though i will add there was alot of mods on in this round so if you ever feel like something is agianst the rules, please notify us instead of waiting for end round. worst that can happen is you get your ticket marked IC which isnt a bad thing. thank you for your report :slight_smile: