Non Antag [Sean Waldo] - murderbones and tides - round 11978

Byond Account: Iosyf

Character Name(s): Larry Laggsworth

Discord Name: Iosyf[Larry Laggsworth]

Round ID: 11978

Griefer Byond account: Sean Waldo

Griefer Byond name: Unknown

Description: Used and kept using a flamethrower on me in arrivals while I was passing by. (No prior interactions). I was ghosting em and watched them do the following in order: Lit an engineer on fire; Broke into atmos; Broke into engineering; Went to evac and started trying to inject people with unknown stuff.


are you sure you have the proper round ID? the round that you put doesn’t show any of that happening.

actually through pure luck I found the round that this happened on, and took care of it. thank you for reporting!