Non-Antagonist Over escalation

Byond Account: JakeFoXx
Character Name(s): Flaps-The-Jack
Discord Name: JakeFoXx
Round ID: 14511
Griefer Byond account: 
Griefer Byond name: Diarsia Uruma
What happened:

Played this round as lawyer. Got into to sec/brig area. No permas to advocate for. Advocated for the character listed above once i noticed they were in a timed cell. Diarsia Uruma was released and set back to work. I interacted yet again with their character in an unrelated manner that initially didnt involve them until they involved themselves. Started out as a verbal altercation which escalated to them leaving their area in Sci Dept to attack me with a flash and a spear. I was able to ultimately disarm them and they fled the area. Sec arrested them, sentenced their time and they were discharged. They were brought back a third time as well for a matter i was not involved in. After round, I asked in chat why they attacked me, the warden, and another unknown individual. A 3rd party person responded that “Diarisa did that to me a couple rounds back”.

After the round was over, I was not able to see any assigned antagonist role assigned to them. I attempted to contact via ingame using AHelp, but i discovered there werent any admins available.

Thank you

This has been looked into- thanks!