Non Mindshielded Atmosian plasmafloods Medbay on Revs

Round ID: 11785
BYOND name: SoreYew
Character name: Sore Yew
Griefer name: Grandma
Griefer account:?

What happened:
Medical was rev central, and we are doing our thing. I see an atmosian without a shield, and a plasma tank. As a headrev I was about to flash them, but then they released it. They later came back with a second canister and added to the fire, still without mindshield. There was drama about the order itself I heard as well? I would like someone to add if they could, I wasn’t paying too much attention to comms then. Since I was an antag directly involved, I’m making a grief patrol here.

You must have the incorrect round ID. This was a changelings round.

Since no additional input has been given, I am marking it as resolved. Open it again when you get the ID, Sore <3