Not an actual ban appeal

Hey, you said not to bother appealing the ban, so this isn’t that, but it is a continuation of the conversation we were having so I’m putting it here anyway, it feels appropriate, feel free to move it to general or someplace else if you disagree.

Helianthus said in the last thread that he didn’t think I would “get better”, get better at what? From what?

Is disagreeing with moderation against the rules here? What rule have I broken?

I’m really trying to cooperate with you guys and do things your way here, a modicum of good faith in return would be appreciated.

I didn’t think you’d “get better” at following the rules. There’s still hope for you to improve your reading comprehension though, maybe start there.

There’s no reason to give you any good faith at all when you’ve already violated that by ban evading. I’m not going to waste any more of my time beyond that.