Nush's tries to become Mod App

Byond username: Delta0Star
Discord name: Delta/Nush-Kajul
Join date: 24/12/2019
Hours you’ve been on the server: if tracked playtime is correct around 2,899.7h (2,351.5h alive 538.2h ghost)
When are you online or available to get on: during a college day around 12:00/4:30 (UK times) outside a college day whenever really
How long have you been a mentor? (Note: only current mentors are eligible to apply for mod): I dont know properly I think currently 140 but I became mentor again back on 17/01/2022 and I was previously a mentor before then
Do you have prior experience being a moderator: No
What is something you feel you do well: I have a good eye and ive been told I am a good mentor :slight_smile:
What is something you wish to change: Im mostly on during the No admin hours which tends to be when alot of the rule breakers show up


yes nush! i think you would be a great mod. im excited for this! +1

Lizard main, has been in the community for a long time and has been an awesome person to play with. +1

British :(


Kind in game and on discord, responsible as a mentor in mhelp and in patrols
never turned out badly when IC they got help from a god for a gimmick or mild busing.
You’ll be an excellent mod for the community I’m sure.

Big +1

Good at helping build minecraft reactors +1
But really a great person, and someone who will be a incredible mod.

-100000000000000 lizard main
+1000000000000000 has 2000+ hours THIS dude THIS dude THSI DUE this dude this DUDE this dude THSI dude THIS dude this DUDE killed somebody.

+1 nush
-1 british

I log in just to -1


+1 very cool person

You’ll be a great mod despite being British +1

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British -1
Lizard main -1
Pretty cool I guess +3

I dunno about giving the English more power than they already have over moderation but Nush is cool +1

Cool person, lives in the better timezones +1

LIZARD :frowning:
+1 regardless

another british mod :/

lizard and british mod yes

Accepted! Welcome to the mod squad!